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Jasmine Williams 
Jasmine IG@jw____artwork is a native of Maryland; she began drawing at an early age. She nourished her love of art by attending art classes at summer camp and in high school, and later was fortunate enough to be accepted for a Summer Art Resident Program at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, NY.

After graduating, Jasmine worked several summers at the Art League, in Alexandria, VA as an intern, and now teaches art classes there in the summer at the art camps.

Jasmine graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Kinetic Imaging and a Minor in Painting and Printmaking. Her art has been displayed in galleries in the Greater Washington Metropolitan DC Area, including Baltimore and Richmond. She is a talented Illustrator, Painter, Graphic Designer and Photographer.

Artist's Statement:
"I’m constantly searching for eyes, a nose, and a mouth in obscure locations; marbled floors, wallpaper, carpet, etc. My passion for drawing has always been submerged in portraiture. I loved figure drawing classes back in school and focusing on rendering the face. Being that figure drawing opportunities are no longer as accessible now that I have graduated, I look to photos; photos that I have taken of friends. Even more recently, my inspirations have come from scrolling down my timeline on Instagram (a social network based on the sharing of images). I'm drawn to photos that show the entire figure, big and/or textured hair, and images that are fashion driven. Always looking to graphite as my safety blanket, this past year I have ventured into ballpoint ink pens. With ink, my marks have to be more deliberate and confident; which is molding me into a much better artist. There are no mistakes in art; artists are problem solvers. Not to say artists are not human and we don't make mistakes like everyone else; our job isn't to erase our mistakes, but to disguise them."