The Jackson Family Art Show
Three Generations of Artists
 Diane Williams, Curator
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Jackson Family 3rd Generation Artists
Kyle Wright
Kyle is our youngest artist he has an interest in drawing motorcycles, and wild animals such as lions and cheetahs.  He attends Patuxent Elementary School in Maryland.

​Mikail Wright
Mikail is home-schooled and currently studies African history and art. He also enjoys Ceramics as well as
geography and art history. Mikail has also taught Visual Arts at a local summer camp and has been teaching
other series of classes as well.

Jayla Elliott
Jayla is a student at Potomac High School.  Jayla enjoys drawing, painting, and culinary arts. She likes drawing
Anime. She plans to attend college to study culinary arts in France. 
Isaiah Elliott
Isaiah attends school at Benjamin Stoddert Middle in Maryland. He enjoys drawing super-heroes and comic
characters. He started drawing his own comic books at 10 years old, which featured his own super-heroes. He
also enjoys playing drums and keyboard.   

Malik Franklin 
Age- 13
Malik attends Cesar Chavez in Washington DC. He dances in a group called Hip Hop for Boys at his school. He loves playing basketball for District Heights Boys and Girls Club in Maryland. Malik has gone from collecting cars and wrestling men, to carrying a drawing pad and pencil around to draw anything and everything. He loves to draw funny characters and scary men.
Emoni Franklin
Emoni attends school at Cesar Chavez in Washington DC. Emoni is a teen that loves to shop and getting her hair and nails done. She enjoys looking up hair styles on YouTube and trying them out on her mannequin and her little sister.  She also likes trying on clothes and taking lots of pictures. She likes to draw flowers and cartoon characters.