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Artist's Statement :
Yeah, Yeah... I Know... It's been said before 
"Art is a Journey and Struggle...Every line every smudge and accident is a record of them" 
My Manifesto
"To Seek & Find ART"

Featured Artwork
A native Washingtonian, C. R. Wells has been creating art for over 45 years. His work has been displayed in exhibits and galleries throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan DC area. During his career, his art has been featured in several comic strip series and he even illustrated a book.

Having little finances, C.R. Wells has been very creative in obtaining art supplies. He has created art with whatever supplies he had available. Many of his pieces of art were drawn in pencil, ink or crayon on regular white paper or cardboard. Not having the proper supplies NEVER deterred him from his love for creating art.

When finances permitted, he painted, painting a series of entertainers. In the latter years he developed a love for abstract art, and began creating many beautiful abstract pieces of art.

C.R. Wells’ work went off the art scene for many years. After suffering the death of his beloved wife and art agent, Brenda Wells, in October 2002, he withdrew. He has endured a long and difficult journey, which has brought him to his current situation of being one of the working, but homeless, in the Nation’s Capital! However, despite the struggles, after 11 years, he is back! 

He is a featured artist in the Jackson Family, Three Generations of Art Exhibit. His work includes abstracts, portraits, collages and multimedia art. He is the oldest and our first generation of artists.

Recently the Washington Post featured C. R Wells in an article, written by Theresa Vargas,
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